Fuses & Fuse bases


NH DIN Industrial fuse links and base
General purpose full range & motor protection applications (Class gG/aM, gTR)

British Standard fuses and fuse holders
General purpose full range protection โ€“ class gG & gM

IEC Cylindrical fuses and holders
General purpose full range protection (Class gG) and motor protection (Class aM)

Type J โ€“ Feeder pillar
For use with wedge type fuse carriers

Available in cylindrical slotted or non slotted tag versions


European square body British Standard –

IEC Cylindrical โ€“ Ferrule style –
Sizes 6×32, 10×38, 14×51, 22×58

North American fuses –
Provide an excellent solution for medium power applications


Voltage and auxiliary transformer fuses

High rupturing capacity DIN fuses

Current limiting fuses for use in Oil switchgear
Fitted with pyrotechnic striker pin

Motor start fuse links
Used for motor protection ยท

Current limiting fuses for use in Air
Voltage ranges
3.6 to 7.2KV
Suitable for outdoor or indoor use


Synttaco (Pty) Limited is a leading supplier of the following fuses and accessories:
We stock a variety of fuses:
electronic fuses; forklift fuses; fast acting and time delay fuses; fuse blocks and holders; indicator systems etc. For a full range our products, our sales staff are available on call to assist with your requirements.

We supply products by the following major manufacturers:-


Bussmann, Lawson, MEM, Siba, Ferraz Shawmut, GE, Siemens, and ETI







With the Ferraz Shawmut Mersen range of products the following product expertises are covered:

  • overcurrent protection
  • surge protection
  • cooling for power electronics
  • bus bar for power electronics
  • low voltage and high power switches
  • power transfer for rail vehicles
  • electronic systems for energy management

The above is done via four applications:

  1. Power controls
    Equipment where power is transformed to production
    – LV & HV motor controls
    – Control panels
    – HVAC
    – Material handling
  2. Power electronics
    Equipment using semiconductor technology
    – Drives
    – Soft starters
    – LPS
    – Rectifiers
    – Inverters
    – Frequency converters
    – Induction heating
    – Rail propulsion
    – Welding
  3. Lower voltage power distribution
    Equipment that enables and enhances distribution of power to the point of end use
    – Switchgear
    – Switch boards
    – Panel boards
    – Load centres
    – PF connection
    – Surge protection
    – Rail current collection
    – Rail grounding
  4. Power Transmission & Distribution
    Equipment that enables distribution of power from the point of generation throughout the electrical grid
    – Substations
    – Transformers
    – Transmission lines
    – PF connection